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Exceptionally well-written technical documentation is great marketing. As a technical writing company, Snap Editing specializes in explaining complex subjects in a way that makes them easy to understand. Our writers compose well-written how-to guides/manuals that take the mystery out of, for example, product setup, maintenance and repair. We also write business documents and much more. (For example, we can assist with paper writing, essay writing and report writing.) We specialize in custom writing content for websites too.

Most websites have a massive number of HTML errors. However, this website features clean HTML and is 100% syntactically compliant according to the W3C HTML5 Validation Service. Go ahead and run this webpage and other websites through the validator. We also score a >95% using the PageSpeed tool at GTMetrix. (The recent HTML5/Javascript/CSS/PHP coding on this website was done by our lead writer using...a notepad, not a CMS.) Less than 1% of all companies are 100% compliant so give us a call if you want a meticulous technical writer to work on your technical documentation.

Technical Writer Services and Technical Writing Company

Please note that we can professionally document most products and/or services and have access to multiple Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Send us an email at or call us at 1.306.713.2012 or 1.587.988.1886 and we can start a discussion about your particular project requirements and how we can work with your SMEs, if required, to develop a quality project.

Our Technical Writers compose print and electronic documents that are easy to read, technically accurate and, ideally, single-source files that are optimized for cross-platform readability.

We offer 30+ years' technical writing experience as either freelance technical writers/web content writers or as full-time employees at various companies. Our technical writers can capably manage all of your technical documentation/procedure writing needs. We use either the Adobe Technical Communication Suite or Microsoft Word to write documents (or other content). Please let us know if there is another software application that you would prefer we use.

Our portfolio encompasses everything from operator manuals and online help to technical user guides and technical web content. Our technical writing company can assist you with white papers, programmer guides, software development kits, administrator manuals, quick start guides, user guides, product requirements documents, quick reference guides, proposals, technical manuals, reference manuals, and more. Contact us today for a free Technical Documentation Services initial assessment. We offer our on-site services to clients in the following cities:

We also offer our technical writing/documentation services to clients in other cities across North America, however, we would work remotely in that scenario.

Research Before Writing

Of course, our Technical Writers research extensively prior to starting any technical documentation project. We offer technical writing services to lower your support call costs and keep your customers satisfied or improve employee productivity, for example. We can rapidly become an expert in the topic before starting the documentation project. We always conduct an exhaustive requirements analysis prior to starting any technical writing. We also, of course, research the product and/or service extensively.

Technical Writing Process

Focused on quality documentation, we are committed to ensuring your message is technically accurate and written as clearly and succinctly as possible. We test all procedures multiple times whether it's a software procedure or a procedure to replace a part on a mechanical device. Snap Editing ensures that the information is easy to find because a well-written procedure that is difficult to locate is not very effective. Optimizing your technical writing project for readability on multiple devices is always a top priority too. We repeatedly edit and confirm the accuracy of every sentence, procedure, and component of the document structure.

Technical Documentation Scope

Snap Editing works effectively with members of your project team to establish the scope of your technical documentation needs and provides you with a cost/time estimate. Let us build a plan for your project, drive the review and approval process, and lead the technical writing effort from outline to finished document. For a free estimate, please contact us with a description of your documentation project. We have the skills to rapidly become an SME (Subject Matter Expert) prior to the start of the writing process.

Please note that each project is different so, depending on your technical writing project, there may be a slightly different process required. A technical publications writer assesses the scope of the project and determines the actual process prior to beginning a project. Here is an overview of our standard Technical Writing Project Process:

  • Define the objective of the project and assess the needs of the client
  • Define the audience (technical or non-technical?)
  • Determine collaboratively with the client what the medium should be (hard copy manual, online help, etc.)
  • Determine the review and approval cycles with the client
  • Develop preliminary documentation structure/outline and review with the client

The Technical Writing Phase

  • Determine writing style and review existing technical information
  • Develop a preliminary document layout for client approval (style sheet and template)
  • Determine with the client what the medium should be (hard copy manual, online help, etc.?)
  • Assess technical illustration needs
  • Start writing content for the technical writing project
  • Conduct a peer review with the SMEs
  • Test and edit the content

The Documentation Release Phase

  • Finalize and approve the documentation with the SMEs
  • Release the project

Why You May Need a Technical Writer

Our Technical Writers are highly skilled at creating concise, well-written documents (operator guides, user manuals, help files, tutorials, coursework, etc.) to explain your product or service. We can write everything from FAQs to training manuals. We write concise instructions to save you money on support calls. Of course, our Technical Writers also proofread your technical documents so your company looks professional. Our technical publications include manuals, quick reference sheets, online help and web pages for the software, automotive, mining and consumer electronics industries. However, we are not restricted to these industries. Call us today to see how one of our Technical Writers can better explain your product or service.

If you sell a product or service and are taking a lot of phone calls about how to use your product or service then you probably need a Technical Writer. If your employees are performing complex tasks but are frequently doing it incorrectly then you probably need a technical writer to document the correct procedures. We can either help reduce support call costs or improve employee productivity. Give us a call to see how our Technical Writers can help your customers and/or employees.

Your Company Has a Software Application

We use the latest development tools to create high-quality online help and software manuals and we are always ahead of schedule. We can create video tutorials and screen capture training materials or print and online documents. Our goal is to learn about your application and then write about it in a way that the end-user understands. Our Lead Technical Writer has more than 5 years' experience writing about software applications and his portfolio encompasses everything from online help to white papers. We often work closely with your QA team because we may find improvements as we begin the documentation process.

Our Lead Technical Writer has documented everything from cars to mining machines and optical jukebox systems. Our goal is to quickly familiarize ourselves with your product and then use the latest documentation tools to generate a world-class document that improves the customer experience.

Your Company Offers a Service

Sometimes documenting a service can be as challenging as documenting a software application or a mechanical device. Research and effective interviewing skills are critical before any actual documenting of your service starts.

Technical Writing Testimonial

"Snap did their research and our User Guide is now the best it's been."

Evan P. | Marketing Mgr.