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Has your company written a manual or brochure and decided to publish it? Are you sure that it is error-free? Sometimes mistakes happen not because of a lack of in-house expertise, but because it was never properly edited by an objective resource.

We can edit Business Reports, Contracts, Technical Documents, Manuals, Books, Web Content, Advertising/Marketing Copy, Training Modules, Product Packaging, Letters, Grant Proposals and more. We can also assist with indexing and converting print files into eBook files.

Our technical editors can provide you with error-free material that is easy to read and concise. Use our editors to improve the quality of your existing material. We can edit for technical and non-technical audiences. Our portfolio of edited material spans multiple industries and ranges from software help files to automotive operator manuals. Give us a call today at 1.306.713.2012 or 1.587.988.1886 and let us demonstrate how we can appreciably improve the quality of your existing content. Our editors have considerable experience and always strive to use the best editing practices to quickly improve everything from manuals to web content at an affordable cost.

Send us an email with your unedited document and we will return a partially edited version so that you are confident in the quality of our editing services. We will respond in a very short time and can then provide you with an editing quote. We offer 100% confidentiality.
Our Technical Editors Guarantee Confidentiality

What Our Editors Check:

  • Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Check for gaps in content and inconsistencies in the flow
  • Correct structural problems
  • Consult with the author(s) on content, structure and style
  • Resolve style inconsistencies
"I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead."

Mark Twain

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Our Portfolio

Each sample in the portfolio needed extensive technical editing. Engineering and marketing teams often had significant input. This is part of the editing process and our technical editors have 26 years' experience working with a variety of companies across Canada and the United States.

  • Editing Policy

    We offer professional editors at extremely competitive rates. Our editors are available 24/7 for any type of editing, including overnight and rush jobs. Do you need a 2-page document or a 200-page manual edited? (Only shorter documents can be edited overnight.) Let our professional editors assist you today.

    We offer 30+ years' experience as editors. We do not outsource and all documents are edited by university-educated native English speakers.

    Technical Editors for Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Regina
  • How We Edit

    We will perform a thorough and exacting edit on your document. We read the entire document and then begin a high level structural analysis of the document, taking into consideration the audience (for example, who will be reading it). Lastly, we check for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Please note that we have access to almost all of the latest software tools and applications and can edit multiple file formats. We can adeptly review any material you may have and we have experience with many forms of written communication.

    We have been editing technical documentation and marketing communications for almost three decades.

    • Copy editing
    • Fact Checking
    • Indexing
    • Layout and Design
    • Plain language editing
    • Structural/substantive editing
    • Stylistic editing
    • Translation editing
  • Editors Available for Alberta (Calgary/Edmonton)

    Although we are based in Saskatoon, we are able to work for multiple industries on-site throughout Alberta (Calgary/Edmonton/Ft. McMurray). We have edited documentation for industries ranging from software to mining.

    Saskatchewan-Based Editors (Regina/Saskatoon)

    We are available to work on-site throughout Saskatchewan (Regina/Saskatoon). If your document is almost complete we can even work strictly by email. Contact us today for a quote.

    United States & Canada

    If possible, we can work remotely if you are in other provinces or in the United States. Our professional technical editors are available to assist you no matter where you are in Canada, including Ottawa, London Ontario, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Mississauga, Markham, Brampton, Waterloo, St. Catharines, Halifax, Kitchener, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa-Gatineau, Oshawa. We can also assist you whether you are in Charlotte, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles or Miami, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle and Washington in the United States.

    We can help you no matter where you are in Canada or the United States.


Why We Edit
"Snap did their research and our User Guide is now the best it's been."

Evan P. | Marketing Mgr.

Four Eyes Concept

You have read your material countless times. You send it to print or post it online. And then you find a mistake. Can this be prevented? Yes, it can. Give one of our editors a call or email us today. We are fast and efficient.

ANYONE can be an editor. The person down the hall or in the next cubicle can be an editor. Not everyone, however, can be a professional editor or focus all their energies on finding mistakes. Editing is what we do and we love helping our customers improve their public image.

Four eyes are indeed better than two. We implement the Four Eyes Concept in everything we do and strive to improve everything we edit.

    • What are the turn-around times for editing?

      Send us your document and we will give you a quote and a completion time. Does the document require a major rewrite? Some documents must be re-constructed in its entirety. Some documents may only need a thorough proofreading. We will work with you, stay within the pre-defined budget and submit to you a quality edited product that is publication-ready.

    • Need help?

      Staring at a manual or other publication and unsure how to edit it professionally? Call us at 1.306.713.2012 or 1.587.988.1886 and we can give you a quote after reviewing the document. We also offer a free document review so that you can assess our editing skills.

    • I want to use your services but do not live near you.

      Not a problem. We mostly work online and remotely. Our editing company consists of English speakers and we do not outsource our editing overseas. Ever. We also guarantee 100% confidentiality.

      We edit for individuals and companies throughout the United and Canada. We can edit your project no matter where you are. We can edit, if necessary, on-site throughout Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton, etc.) and Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Regina, etc.).