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Content is critical to improving a company's web presence. This content should be particularly relevant to the product/service that your company offers. Embedded within that content should be the keywords that were researched earlier in the SEO process. Our professional SEO content writing service can improve your Page Rank and increase the number of visitors to your website.

Our clients should also note that once the content is optimized the process should not end there. Ongoing content writing should be a critical goal in a company's web strategy. The search engine algorithms reward fresh new content over content that remains unchanged for months and years. Snap Editing uses SEO content writers to craft compelling and accurate content that the search engines will notice. We ensure that the content on the web pages match the keywords being targeted without exceeding a 4% keyword density.

"Over-stuffing" of keywords in site content is detrimental to a company's Page Rank and the algorithms that process the information from the bots tend to disfavor such a practice. The SEO content writers at Snap Editing take this into consideration before commencing any content optimization program.

Most websites have a massive number of HTML errors. However, this website features clean HTML and is 100% syntactically compliant according to the W3C HTML5 Validation Service. Go ahead and run this webpage (or our homepage at and other websites through the validator. We also score >95% using the PageSpeed tool at GTMetrix. (The recent HTML5/Javascript/CSS/PHP coding on this website was done by Michael using...a notepad, not a CMS.) Less than 1% of all companies are >95% compliant so give us a call if you want a better web presence.

SEO and Blogging

SEO and Blogging

Blogging is another critical element in the SEO content writing campaign. (Admittedly, we are woefully deficient in our own blogging efforts and are in the process of upgrading the back-end blogging pages.) It is possible to write, perhaps, weekly new content related to your industry. The new search engine algorithms consider industry-related blogging a definite positive and reward these efforts. Blogging offers two advantages:

  • New content. Each blog post is a new piece of content and new content means that it is fresh and better than any stale and stagnant content (even though that content might be perfect and not need to be re-written!).
  • Backlinks. When a blogpost is posted on a site different than your domain it will typically contain a link to your domain. This is statistically important because relevant backlinks are part of the equation the search engines use to quantify a company's Page Rank.

Research Writing Styles

Your industry is unique. You sell a product and/or service to a particular market. Some companies will market their product and/or service to younger people. Some will market to senior citizens. Both of these groups react differently to a given page of text. We customize your web content to your audience and our content writers have almost 30 years' experience writing content for different audiences.

SEO and Content Writing

Compare to Competition

We follow your competition online. Assume you have 5 primary competitors. We read and analyze not only their content but their writing styles. This competitive intelligence allows us to better customize your written content and create compelling and unique content that attracts new site visitors and draws visitors back to your site again.

Publish Content

Once we publish this content (with all of the relevant keywords), we analyze the analytics of the new content. We now have the opportunity to study how the search engines rank this new content and where the weak points are in your content by analyzing bounce rates from individual pages, etc. Nothing is more important to your website than good quality web content that is timely and relevant to your website theme or themes.