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We analyze your competition online and determine what may be required to more effectively compete against them. Conducting this critical compeitive analysis is extremely important for any company seeking to effectively compete online. Who are the primary competitors? What are they doing specifically to attract more of the organic search traffic and, therefore, cut into your potential revenues? Snap Editing has the depth of talent to conduct an extensive competitive analysis as a prelude to an SEO campaign. (Our writers are professional researchers too!)

Snap Editing offers a unique blend of business insights to assist your company. Our specialists have worked in a variety of diverse industries in Canada and the United States and have a keen perspective on today's marketplace. Our team has sold everything from starters/alternators and consumer electronics to software and mining equipment online. We know that each industry has a different consumer base and we adjust our tactics and competitive analyses accordingly.)

The company started writing technical documentation for large companies and now offers a full suite of SEO and AdWords services to companies of all sizes. Technical writers are meticulous researchers and we now apply those rigorous research standards to understanding the competitive environment of companies.

SEO and AdWords Services:

  • Analyze the Competition

    We implement a rigorous online competitive analysis of your competition based on the product and/or service you offer. This analysis is a critical ingredient in the SEO (and AdWords) process. In order to sell your product and/or service online effectively you must have a thorough understanding of how your competition is engaging customers online.

    SEO Competitive Analysis
  • Document the Competition

    Large amounts of information can be difficult to interpret. A detailed competitive analysis can include volumes of information. Our priority is synthesizing all this information so that patterns and meaning can be extracted. This compilation of data is critical in the development of an SEO strategy and is one of the bedrocks of a successful online presence.

    Search Engine Results
  • Implement a Plan to Compete

    We implement a strategic plan after the completion of the analysis and documentation stages. This competitive analysis allows us to see the big picture and visualize who your customers and competition is online. This stage of the SEO process is just as important to your business as the development of a business plan.
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Range of Services

Not every company chooses to select the full range of our services. These companies may already have a well-designed website, optimized for SEO, so will only opt for an AdWords campaign. Other companies may only want new content on their website or assistance with their keyword research. Give us a call and we can explain how we can improve the number of visitors to your site.

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