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Competitive Analysis

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Choosing the appropriate keywords for your online campaign drives the highest search volume of traffic to your website and has the highest CTR (Click-Through Rate). However, to conduct a proper keyword analysis, one must have a heightened understanding of the company and the service and/or product that is being offered.

One must also understand the psychology of the audience that is looking for that product and/or service. Snap Editing uses the latest technologies to better understand the underlying relationships between buyers and sellers online. We use SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner, and LongTail Pro and a few other tools to identify the best keywords. Once we determine what your optimal keywords are in your niche then we can write the content around the results of our detailed research.

A proper keyword analysis can dramatically increase your performance in the online marketplace. And this, indeed, is a marketplace based on understanding the fundamentals of keywords. We always start by using a specialized tool like Patel's Ubersuggest.

Most websites have a massive number of HTML errors. However, this website features clean HTML and is 100% syntactically compliant according to the W3C HTML5 Validation Service. Go ahead and run this webpage (or our homepage at and other websites through the validator. We also score >95% using the PageSpeed tool at GTMetrix. (The recent HTML5/Javascript/CSS/PHP coding on this website was done by Michael using...a notepad, not a CMS.) Less than 1% of all companies are >95% compliant so give us a call if you want a better web presence.

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Keywords are critical if you want to increase sales. Well, what is your business? What are you selling or making? Did you know that sometimes there are hundreds of variants of keywords that can be used to increase your traffic?

Competitive Analysis

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