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Proofreader's Checklist (Standard Documents)

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Our professional proofreading service uses a comprehensive template to ensure that all documents are proofread correctly and that nothing is missed. The following is a part of our internal standard document checklist:

Standard Document Checklist:

  • Read the text a minimum of five times for typos.
  • Verify all information on the title page (title, date of publication, etc.).
  • Verify all information on the copyright page, if applicable.
  • Check page numbers.
  • Check for consistency in heading levels throughout the text.
  • Check for consistent spacing between paragraphs, sections, bullets, etc.
  • Check all Contents headings against corresponding text headings.
  • Check all Contents page numbers against corresponding text.
  • Check all headers and footers.
  • Ensure consistent use of fonts, drop caps, graphic elements, etc.
  • Verify any cross-references in the text.
  • Ensure that tables and figures appear after they are referenced in the text.
  • Ensure that all footnotes appear on the same page as the number reference.
  • Clean column and page breaks.
  • Clean word divisions at ends of lines.

Our Portfolio

Each sample in our extensive portfolio needed extensive proofreading. In most cases we would write the content, then edit it several times before giving it a final proofread. We work with companies from all over North America and have worked in multiple industries and can adeptly proofread any materials that you may have.

Proofreader Portfolio