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Our business model focuses exclusively on writing resumes and business plans. With escalating inflation we are now focusing our energies on assisting individuals in the job market and helping businesses expand their market presence.

To date, we have crafted business plans for numerous businesses and contributed to the growth of the Canadian economy. Snap Editing has also written resumes for more than 8,000 job-seekers worldwide and, particularly, throughout Canada. With our upcoming launch into the American market we are excited to transform this portfolio page into a page that showcases resumes and some of the financial modeling we complete that gets prospective business owners the capital they require to contribute to our economic vitality. Please stay tuned as this page develops.

Snap Editing - Canadian Owned and Operated

Snap Editing works with customers worldwide. We think our products are some of the best in the business and we would love to hear from you.

You can call us at one of the following numbers:

  • 1.877.703.7627 - Toll-Free North America-Wide - Voice (you'll need an appropriate prefix consisting of a country code if you are phoning from outside North America.)
  • 1.204.804.2812 - Manitoba - Voice or Text
  • 1.306.713.2012 - Saskatchewan - Voice or Text
  • 1.587.988.1886 - Alberta- Voice or Text
  • 1.647.463.1483 - Ontario- Voice or Text
  • 1.778.866.1896 - British Columbia- Voice or Text

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