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Snap Editing provides marketing content writers to create compelling and persuasive B2B (Business-to-Business) or B2C (Business-to-Consumer) copy. Our marketing writers can write copy for everything from brochures to web content. We craft distinctive and unique marketing content and offer the highest quality at a reasonable cost. One of our SEO specialists is always involved in the content marketing writing process so that your content can be found by potential customers online. We focus on the Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton markets but can work with clients throughout Canada and the United States.

  • Our marketing writers first immerse themselves in your product or service. The key to successful marketing writing is to understand the audience and the product/service. This same philosophy exists whether writing content for a Google AdWords marketing campaign or writing copy for a website.

    Content Marketing Writer
  • Once a better understanding of the product or service has been achieved the writer starts developing ideas. Often evolving, some of these ideas are tossed aside and some are refined. The creative process is ongoing and as the copy matures so does the entire marketing strategy behind it all.

  • Idea generation begins with maybe one person but inevitably requires more than one person to achieve success. This frenetic communication between members of our team or one of our marketing writers and one of your staff members drives the creative process and culminates in a superior marketing communications message and/or campaign.

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Here is a very recent example of a brochure we did for a customer (and they allowed us to add this to the website):

Persuasive Copywriting

Our marketing writers create captivating and persuasive copy to assist you in selling your product or service. We can write everything from brochures to web content. We also create AdWords campaigns to increase your online exposure. These ads (when written correctly) can really drive traffic to your website. In a competitive marketplace it is imperative to write copy that is unique, interesting and memorable. This is true whether you are handing out brochures at a tradeshow or hoping someone clicks on your online ad.

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