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We write extremely detailed professional resumes and CVs that are customized specifically for the Vancouver job market. Our Lead Resume Writer has almost 30 years of experience as a Professional Writer and can assist you in securing a challenging career by creating a detailed cover letter and resume/CV specifically outlining your experiences, accomplishments and qualifications.

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Vancouver, British Columbia offers one of the most vibrant city economies in Canada. Its growing economy encompasses rail and an international port, forest product and mining companies, software development, biotechnology, aerospace, video game development, animation studios and a vibrant television production and film industry. (Source) With this much economic activity (and a growing number of job-seekers sending applications to a declining pool of available positions) it is imperative to submit a flawless cover letter and resume to prospective employers.

Our professional resume writers can create a compelling and extremely readable cover letter and resume (or CV) wherever you are in Vancouver. We have significant experience writing resumes for multiple careers in multiple industries, including the technology and resource sectors. (Even though the forestry industry north of Vancouver is experiencing difficult times.) Give us a call today and we can review and improve your existing resume or create an entirely new one for you.

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Best Resume Solutions for All Vancouver Careers

  • Well-written resume by professional Canadian resume writer
  • Resume tailored for the Vancouver market
  • Available 24/7 with most completed in 24-48 hours
  • Free review of existing material
  • In-depth interview

Vancouver Resume Writers Give You the Edge

Vancouver resume writers

Why not add some life to your cover letter and resume? We customize your cover letter and resume specifically for a Vancouver job advertisement. This attention to detail creates results. It shows that you have done your research and have created a meticulously written cover letter and resume. Submit a cover letter and resume of distinction and excellence if you truly want to get a better job or career in Vancouver.

Are you in film, media or technology? Maybe you are in real estate services, tourism-related services or a retail career? Well, Snap Editing can write a highly detailed cover letter and resume for you so that you can increase your competitive advantage in the Vancouver market.

We also write resumes/CVs for individuals seeking employment in the suburbs of Vancouver, including Richmond, North Vancouver, Abbotsford, Delta, New Westminster, Chilliwack, Courtney, and Langley. We also write resume for job-seekers in Kamloops and Vernon. We also specialize in writing quality resumes/CVs for people whose second language is English (ESL Resumes).

It is expensive living in Vancouver. Don't settle for an average resume. Call us for an excellent resume no matter what career you are in. If you are looking for jobs in Vancouver don't start the search process by going online looking for "jobs bc"; start by calling Snap Editing at 1.778.866.1896.

  • Our professional Vancouver resume writing service offers a superb turn-around time and can complete most Vancouver projects within 24-48 hours. We have a diverse range of talents here and have worked in multiple industries. These skill-sets enable us to rapidly and competently customize a unique and quality cover letter and resume specifically tailored to your needs. Our professional resume writers can tackle everything from entry-level resumes to senior management professional resumes.

    The Vancouver labour market is extremely competitive and it is incumbent upon you to submit a high-quality cover letter and resume that sums up the totality of your experience in a flawless manner. This attention to detail yields great dividends and enables you to maintain an edge against your competition. Snap Editing specializes in taking a cover letter and resume and transforming it into a concise, fact-filled document that is ordered correctly and is visually attractive.

    Our Lead Resume Writer wrote the software manual for the largest recruitment software company in North America (while living in Vancouver) and knows how to write resumes that are captivating, accurate, and aesthetically and technically superior to other resumes. Whether you are a welder, a CTO, or an accountant chances are that you have not written a cover letter or CV in years. That is where our professional Vancouver resume writing service can help you with your career goals and assist in YOUR growth.

  • Your first introduction to a future employer is typically via a cover letter. Submitting an application without a cover letter is not advisable. Submitting one with errors is also not recommended. (The spell-checker will NOT create a well-written document for you.) One of our meticulous writers will interview you and get extremely detailed information on your past work experiences and where you want to go with your career. In order to stand out from the competition in Vancouver you need a custom-written cover letter that is individualized for you.

    We customize EVERY cover letter based on a person's previous job experiences and the job description. We study the company and the job description and then write a highly targeted cover letter. We write the cover letter in such a way that shows Human Resources that you did your homework and want a job and have just what it takes to get the job.

    "My previous resume was poorly written and I did not know why I was not getting interviews. After the re-write I had an interview and a job in 10 days. Thank you.“Ken B. | Construction Foreman, Industrial Projects

  • Some applicants are, unfortunately, sending uninspiring material to human resources departments. We are experts at maintaining the balance between having too much and too little information on the resume. It is usually not an easy task condensing so much information into 2-3 pages. We use a professional writer who is a layout specialist to customize a unique resume for you at a very affordable cost. When you use Snap Editing you can be sure it will be well-written and visually attractive.

    You are a unique individual with very unique skill-sets so shouldn't your introduction to a future employer be unique as well? Why not show that you have creativity and take pride in how your work is presented? Give us a call and we can help you with the all-important cover letter and resume.

    Our Vancouver resume writing service customizes cover letters and resume for the Vancouver and area market. We can provide you with a superior resume solution and we believe our products are the best in the business. We can either review your existing resume or create an entirely new one for you.

Vancouver Winning Resume Prices

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Some Vancouver Resumes We Create:

  • Sales (retail and other) & Marketing Resumes
  • Port/Shipping Resumes
  • IT (database developers, web developers, etc.) Resumes
  • Forestry (Lumber, newsprint, pulp and paper products, shingles and shake) Resumes
  • Mining Resumes (Are you in the trades? Then we can create a professional resume for any number of mines in B.C., including Fording River, Elkford (Teck), Elkview, Sparwood (Teck), Highland Valley Copper, Logan Lake (Teck), Greenhills, Elkford (Teck), Line Creek, Sparwood (Teck), Coal Mountain, Sparwood (Teck), Wolverine/Perry Creek, Tumbler Ridge(Walter Energy), Gibraltar, Williams Lake (Taseko Mines), Brule mine, Chetwynd (Walter Energy) or Trend, Tumbler Ridge (Peace River Coal)
  • Fisheries Resumes
  • Tourism Resumes
  • Film Resumes
  • Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, etc.) Resumes
  • Human Resources Resumes
  • Trades & Construction & Other Blue Collar (Certified Carpenters, Electricians, etc.) Resumes
  • Government (Social Workers, Nurses, Teachers, etc.) Resumes
  • University Students or Recent Graduates (UBC, Simon Fraser, etc.) Resumes
  • Trucking Resumes
  • Manufacturing Resumes (including Industrial Equipment, Heavy Equipment & Machinery, Building & Electrical Materials (Windows, etc.), Agricultural (food, for example, poultry) Processing, Mineral Processing, Pulp & Paper Manufacturing, Sporting Goods)
  • Customer Service Resumes
  • Management Resumes

We Offer Our Expert Resume Writing Services to the Following Areas Around Vancouver:

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