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This page contains links to cover letter and resume samples, however, these samples are ludicrously obsolescent (2012) and will be removed and the pages redirected when time permits. In the meantime, we now have an SQL database of careers with more than 50,000 keywords.

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Please note that these are samples only. (We also added some links back to this website on the resumes and that would not appear in a customer's actual resume.) We exerted some effort to convert these sample PDF files to a cross-platform format that works with HTML5 and can be optimized for tablets and smartphones, however, they are still best viewed on a PC or Mac. The cover letter/resume flipbooks look like Flash animations but they are actually CSS3 jQuery HTML. Give us a call if you like what you see and read. These are samples only; your cover letter and resume will be more detailed and customized specifically for you.

Please read some of our resume writing and editing reviews. Note that we are just now starting to diligently request customer quotes.

Snap Sample Resumes (2014)

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