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Our professional cover letter and resume writers and editors specialize in writing and laying out extremely detailed and visually appealing cover letters and resumes (or more detailed CVs, depending on your profession) that get noticed. We specialize in creating the best top-notch written content that is easy to read, online or in print. Let Snap Editing be your most useful resource for resume writing. Quick on-page links:

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Presently, we primarily serve the Canadian marketplace and have customized web pages for all Canadian cities, towns, and villages. In September 2023 we launched customized American city web pages. (We are hand coding web pages for the 1000 largest American cities and we only have 50 U.S. cities launched as of today.)

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If you require an optimized resume or help writing or building a quality resume with no hidden fees, then call us now. We can even provide you with some tips to connect with a career that aligns with your goals and objectives. You can count on Snap Editing to work with you as we build your resume step by step.

Snap Editing designs, writes, and edits outstanding resumes using creative resume layouts and action words/verbs to detail your key competencies. We believe in building awesome resumes using unique resume formats (yet staying within the guidelines of a proper resume format!). Our objective is to include all of your skills in a well-organized outline. We believe in using power words and action verbs to define your job objective. We incorporate useful industry-specific phrases and appropriate resume action verbs when building your resume. So, if you need a transition resume now and are in Canada, the United States or overseas, give us a call and let's see how our resume ideas can propel you to the next stage of your career. We write everything from university student resumes to executive resumes and everything in between!

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Professional Resume Writers and Editors for All Careers

Do you need help writing your resume? Not quite sure how to make a resume or a highly effective one? Well, we offer the following to our valued customers:

  • A keyword-rich cover letter and resume/CV crafted by a professional interviewer/resume writer
  • Contact-free interview via telephone or Skype/Zoom
  • 24/7 availability (weekends too, of course) with most resumes completed in 24-48 hours

We Write/Edit Winning Resumes and CVs That Stand Out

You know that you excel at your career. You may have spent years developing your career and have accumulated quite a list of skills and accomplishments, making you the best in your career. Now all that expertise must be condensed into a highly polished form and edited to a 1-page cover letter and a 1- to 2-page resume. You want a well-written cover letter and resume and want the best resume format. So let one of our resume writing specialists create a document that will ensure you stand out and are truly unique on paper.

Cover Letter and Resume Writing Professionals

Our professional resume writing service creates powerful, compelling, and persuasive transition cover letters and resumes for you so that you can focus on the all-important interview process.

We believe that cover letters and resumes should be 100% technically accurate but should also be visually attractive and the rhythm of the writing should allow the reader to quickly identify the most salient points.

We fully customize each cover letter and resume for a particular job opening and we research the job opening and the company extensively before we start any writing or begin an in-depth interview with you. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and strive to make every cover letter and resume (or CV) a masterpiece. We strive to create a superior well-written product that will exceed your expectations and significantly improve your chances of getting an interview. Our resume and CV writers take their careers as seriously as you take yours.

Let us customize a powerful cover letter and resume for you so that you can focus on the interview process. You stand out on the job.

Let us help you stand out on paper. And in PDF. Talk to one of our professional resume builders today.

Please read some of our resume writing and editing reviews.

Who Needs a Resume Writer

In Canada’s (and America's) tough job market, job-seekers like you hire Snap Editing to create professional resumes that give them an edge over the competition.

It’s a very difficult and challenging time for job-seekers right now, and we know that. As previous job seekers, we’ve been there. Which is why we want to help you. There are many reasons why people want or need to hire a professional resume writer, but there is one really, truly significant reason.

A resume created by a professional resume writing service is more likely to get you interview calls, which can get you a new job faster. And a professionally updated resume can even get you a promotion at your current job. When you use Snap Editing’s specialized resume service, you can rest assured knowing that we:

1) Expertly build resumes, CVs and cover letters using resume writing best practices.
2) Know what recruiters, hiring managers and Applicant Tracking Systems are looking for.
3) Have significant experience writing resumes for many different careers and in multiple industries.

We focus on carefully creating a resume value proposition – a very effective synopsis of your qualifications, skills and accomplishments – to help answer the question “Why should we hire you?”.

Understand the challenges you face in job-seeking and how stressful and frustrating it can be. Our professional writers will create a unique resume value proposition – a very effective synopsis of your qualifications, skills and accomplishments – to help answer the question “Why should we hire you?”.

Snap Editing’s resume writing specialists have helped a diversity of job-seekers. Contrary to what many people believe, professionally written resumes are not just for C-Level executives!

Young workers, students and others new to the job market

Many inexperienced job seekers have benefited from our expertly-written resumes, especially those who were unsure of how to best market their skills. Snap Editing focuses on your skills and other-than-job experiences (such as volunteer work) that you might not realize are valuable to employers.

"Michael [at Snap Editing] was really helpful in creating my first professional resume and cover letter. Very well done! Thank you so much!"

Older job seekers

Sometimes older job seekers face challenges in the job market because of ageism-type thinking. The good news is that as more and more people over 55 are staying healthy and staying employed, there`s been a significant change in that thinking – and hiring trends are showing this. Snap Editing`s expert writers create strategic resumes that highlight qualifications most relevant to the job you’re seeking, and demonstrate that you’re up-to-date and aware of current job expectations.

"Michael [at Snap Editing] was very succinct in his wording which vastly improved upon my current resume ... He took the time to answer the questions I had and he himself asked very appropriate and industry-guided questions of his own. You will not be able come up with the quality he provides without his assistance, I am excited to start applying for roles now and am much more confident in getting that interview based on how I come across on paper in my resume and cover letter. Highly recommend."

Executives and career professionals

Mid-career professionals and executives have also successfully used our professional resume writing services. Some were looking for similar jobs and struggling to condense 15 or more years of experience into a couple of pages. Others were getting a job in a different industry and couldn’t readily define their transferable skills. And there are those who are an expert in more than one area and don’t know what qualifications to focus on for a specific job. Snap Editing’s writers are skillful in building and updating your current CV or resume.

"Very professional. And prompt, courteous, hard working. Updating a resume is not simple, but he [Snap Editing] walked me through the whole procedure and drew up a very impressive resume. He highlighted my strengths; the document is very attractive and will appeal to prospective employers. Very pleased with the whole process, I would highly recommend."

People who are perfectly happy with their job

Yes, we`ve written resumes for those who are very content in their current job. These clients have hired us to re-write and update their resume because they are up for a promotion, or they want to showcase their most recent skills and accomplishments in light of an upcoming performance review. Sometimes happy employees are staying in their industry but moving to another city. And still others simply need to find a job with more flexible hours. Regardless of the motivation, even contented employees should consider an expert resume re-write. Regardless of the type of job-seeker you are, Snap Editing’s professional writers will create an effective and engaging resume just for you.

Why (or When) Should You Hire A Professional Resume Writer?

It can be difficult to know why you need a resume prepared by a professional writing service. But there are many common reasons why job seekers like you come to Snap Editing for a professionally written resume.

You`re not naturally talented in writing and lack confidence in creating your own resume. Besides, who is good at cutting their own hair?

Let us assume the task of the writing so you can focus on getting interviews.

English is not your first language.

Writing a resume in English can be very difficult; our language has subtle variations in tone or meaning depending on the words you’re using, and sentence structure can be tricky and/or cumbersome.

You don't know what to include in your resume.

Does the job ad make sense to you? What experience, education, skills and/or abilities does the recruiter or hiring manager really care most about? It's part of our job as resume writing specialists to analyze the job position description and effectively incorporate all your relevant information into your resume.

You don’t know how to define your strengths and weaknesses.

This is important because it might help you better determine if you are a good fit with the job you’re applying for (it’s also often an interview question, so it’s best to be prepared).

Your current resume isn`t doing anything for you.

If you’ve sent a few resumes but are just not getting interview calls, it could be that your resume needs professional improvement. Perhaps you're changing careers or your job or career level has changed. Perhaps you haven’t had to job-seek for some time and don’t realize how resume trends and HR recruitment techniques have changed. Our professional writers will assess your current resume and make an expert decision on what to cut, keep and change.

You simply don`t have time to write or re-write your resume.

There are many reasons why this could be the case for you. Once you provide us with the relevant details, our professional writers will carefully build and create your resume – so you can focus your valuable time elsewhere.

You’re perfectly happy with your job.

Wait... what kind of a reason is this? It’s a good idea to keep your resume up to date simply because you never know what might happen. It could be something as sudden and drastic as losing your job due to downsizing. Look what happened in 2020 with the pandemic. Or it could be that you will apply internally to get a job promotion.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “being in the right place at the right time” as a measure of success. Snap Editing’s professional resume writers use the right words and the right formatting at the right time for you.

If you don’t have a resume, we will ask for details about your relevant experience (volunteer and/or work), achievements, hard (software, etc.) skills, and soft (time management, problem-solving, flexibility, etc.) skills and education, for example. You’ll need to collaborate with our resume specialists to help them understand your background, motivations, strengths, and achievements. We'll also ask about the type of jobs you’ll be applying to or a specific job ad.

What Should a Professional Resume Include?

Well, it should include a concise presentation of relevant experience and accomplishments and easily identifiable key skills. It should be encapsulated in an appealing and impressive layout and chronicle who you are and what you can do while optimally placing your most relevant qualifications to generate “hits” if the resume is scanned with applicant tracking software.

Standard Resumes

Snap Editing can capably write cover letters and resumes for entry-level jobs and recent graduates.

Professional Resumes

Snap Editing specializes in writing resumes for professional careers, for example, those requiring a university education and the trades. The wide range of our writing capabilities gives us a competitive advantage and, therefore, gives you a competitive advantage.

Management/Executive (C-Level) Resumes

Snap Editing excels at synthesizing your accomplishments and management expertise into a well-organized package that is a critical component of your personal branding. Do you need a powerful and optimized executive resume that highlights all of your accomplishments? We also excel at writing executive biographies and crafting keyword optimized LinkedIn profiles. So, give us a call whether you are seeking to change careers or need an objective resource for your personal branding.

Infographic Resumes

Snap Editing can also assist you by creating an infographic resume in InDesign. These resume styles are particularly compelling and can be a superior marketing document, depending on your career. Give us a call if you are contemplating an infographic resume to market your skills.

Overseas Resumes

Snap Editing can also assist you if you live overseas and require an English resume for either the Canadian or American job markets. Please note that we now also have French and Mandarin speakers on staff. Send us an email and we can conduct a Skype interview with you to get the process started. We have done numerous African resumes, Australian/New Zealander resumes, European resumes, and Asian resumes for customers seeking a North American resume. To date, this Canadian company has done resumes for overseas customers in Germany, France, China, the United States, Japan, Greece, Britain, Nigeria, Australia and more.

Hours of Operation

We are available 24/7 and can work with clients throughout the United States and Canada. More than 97% of our customers are already employed so they may need a service like ours outside of the standard 9 - 5 operating hours. We also offer an overnight rush service. So, whether you are a carpenter, a plumber, an accountant or a database specialist we can create (write or edit) a compelling and persuasive resume for you day or night.

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