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We are a Saskatchewan-based business and we create detail-filled cover letters and resumes/CVs for the Regina market. (We also offer our professional resume writing service to job-seekers in Swift Current, Moose Jaw, Weyburn, Estevan and Yorkton, SK) Whether you are in a government career or mining we can assist you to increase your income in Regina.

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Oil and natural gas, potash, kaolin, sodium sulphite and bentonite contribute a great part of Regina's economy. (Source) Of course, Regina is also a government town. There are significant economic and career opportunities in Regina and Snap Editing has significant experience writing superb cover letters and resumes (or CVs) for the Regina job market. So whether you need a mining resume or a government resume to enter or re-position yourself in the Regina job market, Snap Editing has the depth of resume writing experience to assist you in that endeavor.

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Here are some useful employment links for those seeking employment in Regina:

"Michael delivered accurate and highly effective services, producing an extraordinarily high quality product, and he responded promptly to suggestions and requests. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone in need of an editing service."

David W. | Executive

Here is a list of some of Regina's largest companies:

  • Viterra
  • SaskPower
  • Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI)
  • SaskEnergy Inc.
  • Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
  • Farm Credit Canada
  • Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region
  • Brandt Group of Companies

Regina's Professional Resume and CV Writing Service

  • Well-written by professional Canadian resume writer specifically for the Regina market
  • Fully customized layouts with a detailed cover letter specifically tailored for the job description to increase your chances of getting an interview with a Regina company
  • Once the cover letter and resume is done we provide you with a utility to edit the keywords in the PDF file in case it is dropped into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Available 24/7 with most completed in 24-48 hours.
  • In-depth interview

We Create Winning Resumes and CVs That Stand Out In Regina

Professional Cover Letter and Resume Writers for Regina

Regina’s GDP is projected to average 2.7% in annual growth between now and 2022, barring any unforeseen downturns or collapses. This anticipated level of growth will keep Regina at the forefront as one of the fastest growing cities in Canada....This will keep the unemployment rate fairly low over the next few years in Regina.

Regina Labour Market News

From the Leader Post:

More people are working in Regina now (2019) than a year ago, but job growth hasn’t revived a stagnant housing market.That’s according to the latest “economic report card” by Economic Development Regina (EDR), a city-controlled non-profit responsible for economic development and destination marketing in Regina.There were 144,800 people employed in Regina in July 2019, about 2.5 per cent more than the same time last year. Unemployment dropped from 6.6 per cent to 5.6 per cent. EDR cited Statistics Canada data that was not seasonally adjusted. Gross domestic product, which measures the size of the city’s economy, is forecast to rise from nearly $17.1 billion last year to nearly $17.5 billion this year....

From the Job Bank:

There were 579,400 people working in Saskatchewan in May 2019, down 1,000 compared to a month earlier. Gains in part-time employment (+1,800) were overshadowed by considerable losses in full-time employment (-2,700) during this period. Nonetheless, Saskatchewan's labour market is performing significantly better compared to this time last year; there are 15,000 more people employed in the province than in May 2018.

"Thank you, Michael, for all the help refurbishing my resume. You were very professional in your approach and did thorough research into the companies I had worked for and added that spark I was looking for in my cover letter and resume. The way you tailored the cover letter to the job posting was extraordinary. I was very impressed and will be happy to recommend you to my colleagues and friends in the future."

Mark L. | Mining Engineer Manager

  • We believe that having a unique and well-written cover letter and resume is the first step to secure an interview in Regina. We are able to consistently craft a highly customized quality cover letter and resume for all career types in Regina. Some resume writing services generate a low-quality product, but we believe that every cover letter and resume should be unique, a genuine reflection of the individual and of the highest quality possible. We create resumes (in either Word or InDesign) that are highly detailed and visually attractive.

    resume writer and resume writing service for regina

    Our professional resume writers use all the latest software tools and create documents for Regina clients that feature a navigation panel (typically for CVs) for greater document navigability, a two-page view (if requested), embedded metadata, scanned initials and a cover letter that addresses an actual contact person (when possible). It is a comprehensive well-written package that provides you with a competitive advantage and a document that elaborates with clarity what your skills and experiences are in the workforce.

    Our Lead Resume Writer has more than 26 years experience as a Marketing Writer and Technical Writer and offers significant experience writing resumes and cover letters for job-seekers in and around Regina. Whether you're a welder, a government employee, or an accountant in Regina chances are that you have not written a cover letter or CV in quite a while. That is where our professional resume writing service can help you with your career goals and assist in YOUR growth.

  • Your first introduction to a future employer in Regina is typically via a cover letter. Submitting an application without a cover letter is not advisable. Submitting one with errors is also not recommended. (The spell checker will NOT create a well-written document for you.) One of our meticulous cover letter/resume writers will interview you and get extremely detailed information on your past work experiences (and accomplishmenhts) and identify where you want to go with your career. In order to stand out from the competition you need a custom-written cover letter that is individualized for you and the job.

    "My previous resume was poorly written and I did not know why I was not getting interviews. After the re-write I had an interview and a job in 10 days. Thank you."Ken B. | Construction Foreman, Industrial Projects

  • Some applicants in Regina are, unfortunately, sending disorganized and/or poorly worded resumes to employers. The resume must detail accomplishments, work experiences and education/certifications, etc. This requires a balance between having too much and too little information. Snap Editing has the experience to organize and prioritize information in a way that catches the attention of the reader. We use a professional resume writer to customize a resume for you at a very affordable cost. When you use Snap Editing you can be sure it will be well-written and visually attractive.

    Quality Resumes for Regina

    You are a unique individual with very unique skill-sets so shouldn't your introduction to a future employer be unique as well? Why not show that you have creativity and take pride in how your work is presented? Give us a call and we can help you with the all-important cover letter and resume.

    Our resume writing service provides Regina job-seekers with a superior resume solution and we believe our products are some of the best in the business. We can either review your existing resume or create an entirely new one for you.

  • Available 24/7 for Regina

    We are available 24/7 and can work with you day or night. We know people have busy personal and work schedules so we make ourselves available to customers during non-business hours. Our resume writers want to assist in your success by creating some of the best resumes in the business for a wide range of careers. So whether you are a carpenter, a plumber, an accountant or a database specialist we can create a compelling and persuasive resume for you.

  • What are the turn-around times for a cover letter & resume?

    Typically, our professional cover letter and resume writing service can produce a cover letter and resume within 24-48 hours for job-seekers in the Regina market. However, there are a few factors to take into consideration. Do you have an existing cover letter and resume already? If you do that will reduce the amount of time needed for one of our professionals to finalize it for you. Also, a person's career may impact turn-around time. For example, some work histories and/or experiences may require additional research time. Customized graphics, if needed, may also effect how long the process takes. Give us a call and we will give you a timeline.

  • Need help?

    Not sure how best to create a professional resume or CV for maximum impact? Give us a call. Regina businesses currently get many applications for every available position so it is imperative to send an exceptional cover letter and resume (or CV) if you want to secure a chance at an interview. Our resume writers are highly experienced at creating well-written resumes that are delightful to look at and informative to read.

  • What areas around Regina do you provide a resume writing service for?

    We write cover letters and resume for those around Regina, of course, but we also write for job-seekers in Swift Current, Moosejaw, Weyburn, Estevan, and Yorkton. Give Snap Editing a call at 1.306.713.2012 if you require a professionally written cover letter and resume whether you're in Regina or Estevan.


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With an average average GDP growth of just under 3%, there are still significant career opportunities in the Regina region. Our Regina resume writing service can customize a cover letter and resume for you to assist you in securing either a higher paying and/or a better job.

Here Are A Few Of The Industries We Customize Resumes For In Regina:

  • Sales (retail and other) & Marketing
  • IT (database developers, web developers, application developers, etc.)
  • Petroleum/Oil (The oil and gas industries is still prospering right now in southern Saskatchewan despite pipeline problems and the areas surrounding Regina continue to develop as an emerging producer. We can assist you in creating a resume whether you want to work at a refinery or on a rig.)
  • Mining (The mining industry continues to be a strong economic driver around Regina with multiple offices supporting the mining operations in downtown Regina. Whether you are an engineer, a miner, a safety specialist or an accountant, Snap Editing can help construct a well-written resume.)
  • Healthcare (nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, etc.)
  • Engineering (mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil)
  • Human Resources
  • Education (teachers and administrators)
  • Social Services
  • Trades & Construction (As the economy in Regina continues to grow, so does the construction sector. We have several years' experience writing compelling resumes for those in the trades.)
  • University/Academic (University of Regina/Luther College/Campion College Students or Recent Graduates, as well as those seeking academic employment)
  • Trucking
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer Service
  • Management

We Offer Our Services to the Following Areas Around Regina:

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