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Example #22: Publications Officer Cover Letter and Resume

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Snap Editing creates highly effective publications officer resumes. You write effective print and online materials for either the private sector or government agencies. You are extremely familiar with the publishing process and perhaps have a degree in English, communications or even public relations. In all likelihood you are an expert editor and proofreader and are capable of formatting lengthy documents. In fact, you have all the skills required to compose an excellent publications officer resume. What you may lack, however, is the objectivity to write about your accomplishments in the publishing industry. That is where our services come into play. We too have an extensive background in the publishing industry and can interview and write your resume for you from a unique and different perspective. We have the luxury of objectivity.

Please email us at [email protected] to setup a time to speak about your publications officer resume.

Note that the example below is fictitious and the publications officer cover letter and resume that we create for you will be more detailed. Please read some of our resume writing and editing reviews.

Publications Officer Cover Letter and Resume:

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