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We provide a comprehensive resume writing service for all careers in the Ottawa and Gatineau region. Ottawa is a government and technology town and we offer significant expertise in developing resumes for both these particular sectors (and many others). We write easy-to-read and eye-catching cover letters and resumes for civil/public service employees and those seeking employment with either established technology firms or start-ups in the IT sector. We recognize that the format of a public service resume should be different than the format for a technology worker resume.

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Cover Letter and Resume Professionals for Ottawa and Gatineau

We don’t, however, restrict ourselves to government and technology/IT resumes in the Ottawa area. For example, there is a thriving retail and customer service sector also. We can either write or edit a cover letter and resume for you that will significantly improve your chances of securing an interview either in the public or private sectors in Ottawa and area.

Note that we also serve Kanata, Gatineau, Chelsea, Gloucester, Nepean, Orleans, Manotick, Cumberland and Aylmer.

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Professional Resume and CV Writers For All Careers in Ottawa

We offer the following to our Ottawa customers:

  • A keyword-rich cover letter and resume/CV by professional interviewer/resume writer
  • Free utility to edit keywords in PDF
  • Available 24/7 with most completed in 24-48 hours

We Write Winning Resumes and CVs That Stand Out in Ottawa & Gatineau

Cover Letter and Resume Professionals for Ottawa

Let us customize a powerful cover letter and resume for you so that you can focus on the interview process in Ottawa or Gatineau. You stand out on the job. Let us help you stand out on paper. And in PDF.

There is currently an over-abundance of workers in the labour pool for many industries in Ottawa. Both the civil service and entire swaths of the technology sector have experienced rather significant down-sizing, although both are somewhat rebounding. We are a technically savvy small resume writing company and we love writing resumes that showcase your technical skills and aptitudes to assist you in securing an interview with an Ottawa technology company. Or with the federal or provincial government.

Much of the downsizing of technology companies and even the government has had a ripple effect throughout the local economy and has hit multiple sectors. This is a bonus for employers though as there is a highly experienced pool of talent seeking a career. The downside though for Ottawa job-seekers is that the competition now for a given position in Ottawa is stronger than ever.

Snap Editing can assist you in standing out in Ottawa to better compete within this larger applicant group.
  • Our professional resume writing service offers a superb turn-around time and can complete most Ottawa or Gatineau projects within 24-48 hours. We write cover letters for government/public service and private sector careers. We customize a unique and high-quality cover letter and resume specifically tailored to your needs. All of our products are reviewed by two people. Our professional resume writers create everything from entry-level resumes to senior management professional resumes.

    resume writer and resume writing service for ottawa

    Whether you are seeking a public sector position in Ottawa or a private sector position in Kanata with a technology firm, we can capably and professionally complete your cover letter and resume in such a way that it specifically targets the reader (typically someone in HR). We write public and private sector cover letters and resumes of high quality and in such a way as to maximize your chances of securing an interview in Ottawa, Gatineau or Kanata.

    Our Lead Resume Writer wrote the software manual for one of the largest recruitment software companies in North America and knows about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Both the government and private sector firms use these databases to track applicants. We ensure that each resume we create contains appropriate metadata keywords so whether you want to join a software company in Kanata or work for the government in downtown Ottawa we increase the likelihood of your cover and resume being found.

  • Your first introduction to a future employer is typically via a cover letter. Submitting an application without a cover letter is not advisable. Submitting one with errors is also definitely not recommended. (The spellchecker will NOT create a well-written document for you.) One of our meticulous resume writers will interview you and get extremely detailed information on your past work experiences and where you want to go with your career. In order to stand out from the competition you need a custom-written cover letter that is individualized for you.

    Cover Letters for Ottawa & Gatineau

    Each cover letter we write is a unique document and is custom-written based on your background/accomplishments and the details of the job description. We studiously research the company and the job description before even writing one word. This due diligence has served us very well. Each cover letter we write is vastly different and demonstrates to the Hiring Manager that you have done your research far beyond your competitors. Our cover letters range from the more creative to the more traditional, and we vary the end-product based on the circumstances that we are presented with. We have helped people get jobs in careers ranging from law enforcement and academia to marketing and mining engineers.

    "My previous resume was poorly written and I did not know why I was not getting interviews. After the re-write I had an interview and a job in 10 days. Thank you."Ken B. | Construction Foreman, Industrial Projects

  • Some job applicants are, unfortunately, sending uninspiring material to human resources departments. The cover letter should specifically target the position and the resume must balance between having too much and too little information. Resumes today should be better. We use a professional writer and a layout specialist to customize a unique document for you at a very affordable cost. When you use our company you can be sure it will be well-written and visually attractive.

    You are a unique individual with very unique skill-sets so shouldn't your introduction to a future employer be unique as well? Why not show that you have creativity and take pride in how your work is presented? Give us a call and we can help you with the all-important cover letter and resume.

    Our resume writing service provides clients in Ottawa, Gatineau or Kanata with a superior resume solution whether your in the public service or technology/IT sector. We can either review your existing resume or create an entirely new one for you.

Here are some (but not all) of the industries we customize resumes and CVs for in the Ottawa, Gatineau and Kanata area:

  • IT (database developers, software developers, web developers, etc.) Resumes (We have worked in many technical sectors and are particularly adept at writing resumes for people with multiple technical skills.)
  • Cleantech (Clean Energy) Resumes
  • Knowledge-Based Support Services Resumes
  • Aerospace, Security and Defense Resumes
  • Healthcare (nurses, etc.) Resumes
  • Engineering Resumes
  • Wireless and Telecom Resumes
  • Tourism Resumes
  • Trades & Construction & Other Blue Collar Resumes
  • Provincial and Federal Government Resumes (politician resumes, political advisor resumes, campaign manager resumes, etc.) - Search for Public Service Jobs.
  • University Students or Recent Graduates (University of Ottawa, Carleton, etc.)
  • Digital Media Resumes
  • Life Sciences Resumes
  • Management Resumes
  • Sales (retail and other) & Marketing Resumes

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