Free Resume Templates

Free Resume Templates

Some of the visitors to our website are talented writers and can capably write and edit their cover letters and resumes in a professional manner. As a courtesy we offer 3 Microsoft Word templates to download. (If you do not believe you can write a flawless cover letter and resume then please give us a call and we can prepare it for you, using either Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign.) Please note that we do not use Microsoft Word templates (even though they are perfectly acceptable) when creating a resume for a customer and that additional resume templates can be found on the Microsoft website.

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  • How are our resumes different than the standard templates?

    Our professional cover letter and resume writing service adheres to the philosophy that every resume should be unique and a distinct reflection of the person that it represents. The use of a template typically contradicts that philosophy.

  • Can you create a resume and cover letter quicker?

    Well, it certainly depends on your aptitude with Microsoft Word and your skills as a writer who can objectively write about yourself. In most cases we can write a cover letter and resume in 24- to 48-hours and provide a level of excellence and objectivity that most non-writers are unable to provide.

  • I want my resume to be done in InDesign instead of Word. Can you help?

    Layout programs like InDesign can offer distinct advantages compared to a word processor like Microsoft Word. The degree of flexibility is much greater in how the page elements are arranged. The downside is that it is much easier for the layperson to edit a file at a later date using a file with a .doc/.docx extension than it is to edit one with an .indd extension (Adobe InDesign). So, there is a trade-off there. One gets superior layouts with the layout programs but easier editing in the future with a standard word processor. We can create your resume using either application.