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Snap Editing has experience writing cover letters and resumes for board directors and board members. We document all of your relevant skills to assist you in acquiring a board position, either in the public or the private sectors. We can compile all of your skill-sets into an easy-to-read resume that chronicles your accomplishments. We can also craft resumes for other roles too:

  • Cabinet minister resumes
  • First Nations band chief resumes
  • Governor general resumes
  • Lieutenant-governor resumes
  • Mayor resumes
  • Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) resumes
  • Member of Parliament (MP) resumes
  • Member of the National Assembly (MNA) resumes
  • Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) resumes
  • School board trustee (or administrator) resumes
  • Senator resumes

Please email us at [email protected] to setup a time to speak about your board director resume.

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Board Director Cover Letters and Resumes

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