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Our professional cover letter and resume writers specialize in writing and laying out extremely detailed cover letters and resumes (or more detailed CVs, depending on your profession) that get noticed in Akron, Rubber Capital of the World. (Although that nickname may no longer be true...) Please call us at 1-877-703-7627.

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It is recommended that you submit a customized cover letter and resume for a specific job posting. (Non-customized cover letters yield few interviews.) Snap Editing researches job openings and companies extensively before writing anything. We enjoy leveraging our craftsmanship to make every cover letter and resume as accurate and visually appealing as possible.

We also offer our resume writing service to those in Cuyahoga Falls, Stow, Tallmadge, Barberton, Fairlawn, or Munroe Falls.

With an economic base historically rooted in manufacturing but in decline there are nevertheless still many blue collar and white collar opportunities for those seeking employment in the area. However, there are also multitudes of opportunities in education, healthcare, and other sectors. Small businesses though have been disproportionately devastated though because of the ongoing lockdowns, etc. So whether you aspire to work in a large corporation or a small business it pays dividends to improve the quality of your resume. Give Snap Editing a call today if you want to become more competitive in today's job market. Our resume writing service can can give you that needed boost.

We create a superior well-written product that will exceed your expectations and significantly improve your chance of getting an interview. Our resume and CV writers take their careers as seriously as you take yours.

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We offer the following to our Akron customers:

  • A keyword-rich cover letter and resume/CV by professional interviewer/resume writer
  • Available 24/7 with most completed in 24-48 hours, if requested
  • A LinkedIn account to foster your networking potential, heighten your online visibility to others in your career, and funnel headhunters / recruiters to your profile

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Let us customize a powerful cover letter and resume for you so that you can focus on the interview process in Akron. You stand out on the job. Let us help you stand out on paper.

Quick Facts About Akron

If you are searching for job opportunities in Akron, Ohio, here's some useful information to help you get acquainted / acclimated with the city (whether you already live here or intend to move here). Akron has an "estimated" population of 196,000 people and the city boasts a diverse economy with multiple key industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, and retail. Some of the prominent companies based in Akron are FirstEnergy Corp., Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, and Summa Health System. (Are Goodyears still made in Akron?)

When it comes to job prospects, the most in-demand careers in Akron encompass healthcare professionals, business and financial operations, sales representatives, and computer and mathematical occupations. (That is a rather broad analysis...) It's worth noting that the median household income in Akron is approximately $42,000 and the city's unemployment rate is 5.2%. Let us be your Akron resume writer so you can improve your economic outlook.

Akron's latitude is 41.0814° N, and its longitude is 81.5190° W. These details can help you navigate and explore opportunities in Akron, a vibrant city with a rich industrial heritage before many jobs were shipped overseas over the last 20 - 25 years.

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Please note that we are not physically located in Akron and since the pandemic we conduct all of our interviews remotely via telephone or Skype/Zoom/Teams. Therefore, you can do the interview from the comfort of your own home. If you need help from one of the best resume maker companies in North America then feel free to reach out and contact us. Please email us at writer@snapediting.com and we can setup a meeting or explain our service, prices, etc.