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Example #12: IT Manager Cover Letter and Resume

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Snap Editing can capably document your extensive IT management experience. We can word your cover letter and resume so that even readers without experience in the IT profession can understand what it is you do. Maybe you received your degree in Computer Science and entered the IT field as a network administrator or a database administrator. Maybe you developed your career on the software or application development side. Maybe you're a security specialist. Chances are that you are good at what you do and progressed into IT Management. We can condense your previous projects into a clear and concise cover letter and resume to demonstrate your skills at maybe managing the quality of your projects or your ability to stay within budget. You certainly have a deep reservoir of technical skills and whether you're an expert with C++, Business Intelligence or an Oracle guru we can assemble a logical and marketable cover letter and resume to improve your chances of securing an interview with a company that offers challenging projects. (However, these technical skills are of lesser importance in an IT Manager resume than your actual management experience.) Snap Editing highlights all of your IT management experience. Specifically, for example, we detail your budgeting experience, application development experience and even list the representatives you work with to complete your projects. This can range from developers to companies and others.

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Snap Editing has significant experience working in the Information Technology (IT) sector. We are in the process of adding more samples to this section. The example below is just a place-holder until we can publish a more detail-filled IT cover letter and resume. Most recently, we have completed resumes for a CIO (Chief Information Officer) and a database specialist. If you are really into IT (and want to make a superb first impression) we can also create your resume using either InDesign or LaTEx. Our Lead Writer worked with multiple software companies for more than 10 years and knows how to effectively display your IT skills.
Also see the sample CIO - Executive Resume.

IT Manager Cover Letter and Resume:

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