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Snap Editing writes detailed business plans for all types of businesses in different market niches. Avoid the pitfalls of starting a new business like under-capitalizing, creating negative cash flow, hiring the wrong people, underestimating the competition or even pursuing the wrong market. We take the time to ensure you have a solid plan in place whether you need the plan for future growth or are seeking capital to start a new business.

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We can assist you in either creating a new business plan or writing a business plan make-over. After analyzing the market we can assist you in developing your strategy and your business model. So whether you are seeking an angel investor, venture capital, equity crowdfunding or a grant Snap Editing can assist you. Our financial modeler, a CPA, can help you to create a financial pro forma for either a 3-year, 4-year, or 5-year projection. Our lead writer can also assist you with a compelling pitch deck design.

Send us an email at or call us at 1.306.713.2012 or 1.587.988.1886 and we can start a discussion about your particular business plan project requirements. Our professional business plans are written by a writer with almost 30 years' experience and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

We offer our business plan writing services to individuals across Canada and on-site (if necessary) in these cities:

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How to Write a Business Plan

Snap Editing does not use a business plan template to make a business plan for your new business idea. We believe that the correct way to write a business plan includes significant research and then carefully documenting your business strategy and business ideas in a well-organized document. Starting a profitable business can be difficult so let the experts at Snap Editing compose your business plan so that you can achieve your business goals.

If you are looking for a professional business plan writer then please contact us. We will interview with you and study your existing documentation either in person, online, or on the telephone. Our fees vary from business to business so we will provide you with a quote based on your business idea. We will also explain each essential part of the business plan proposal and why it must be included in the package.

Business Plan Development Services

Why You May Need a Business Plan Writer

We know that not everyone is an expert business plan writer. We, therefore, offer our business plan writing skills and experience to you, an aspiring business owner/entrepreneur. We are experts in online research, marketing, accounting, and management and can craft a well-organized business plan that yields results. We can assist you in defining 4 critical components of your business plan: Management Team, Current and Projected Financials, Products and Services and, of course, the Marketing Plan. No two business plans are alike but here are some standard sections in most business plans:

  • Executive Summary
  • Mission/Vision Statement
  • Business Objectives
  • Description of the product and/or service
  • Description of how the product and/or service is different
  • Description of the organization and management team
  • Market analysis and explanation of sales and marketing strategies
  • Internet Strategy (if applicable)
  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT) analysis
  • Cash flow statement/revenue projections, including income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements (with 3-5 years of historical data)
  • Summary/Conclusion, including short- and long-term objectives