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22 February, 2016 | Improving SERP

Snap Editing is Now a PHP Site

Snap Editing has been busy. In February we converted our entire site from a pure HTML5 site to a PHP site. This conversion now allows us easier control of the headers and footers site-wide. We can now make an edit to either the header or footer from one consolidated file and it will change the headers and footers across the site. This sure is a lot easier than manually changing menu structures on a page by page basis as we add content to the site. 

Launching AMP Pages in March

Snap Editing became fully mobile compliant in 2015. However, our mobile page speed tests were still lacklustre despite combining and minifying both javascript and CSS files. Minifying the HTML files maybe further improved page speed load times by 1%. The quest for improving page load times moves on though. Google will begin recognizing AMP-compliant pages this month so we have identified transforming our pages to AMP as part of our ongoing marketing projects to enhance the user experience by ensuring each page loads as fast as possible. If time permits we will also begin using a reputable CDN to serve up content better depending on a user's geographical location. Has your company started to implement AMP pages to improve the user experience and, therefore, improve SERPs?




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