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11 February, 2016 | Improving SERP

Author: Michael Schmidt

Snap Editing believes that web page load times are a critical component of the successful user experience. 

This overseas server test (using Pingdom from Australia) showed the home page taking too long to load with way too many server requests. (Our next phase of page speed optimization will include using a CDN and switching to a web hosting provider that uses gzip, expires headers and leverages browser caching better.) Here are the initial results and they are not spectacular: 



After the previous test we decided to tweak the code on all site pages and then run the test again. The follow-up test showed a marked decrease in server requests and quite a reduction in page load times. We went from 6.20 seconds to 3.83 seconds to load and from 66 requests to 45 requests. Remember to always minify your javascript (or, in some cases, inline the javascript), combine your javascript files and fully web optimize all page images to improve the user experience. Who wants to wait for a slow web page? Read more about our page load time optimization services. Here are the results after the first round of speed optimization:



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