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19 January, 2017 | Resume Writing

Author: Michael Schmidt

Snap Editing continues to grow in 2017. We are growing at breakneck speeds because of the state of the economy. We anticipated an economic downturn in late 2014 and this recognition guided all of our decision making. When I was initially crafting the business plan in late 2014 I saw little opportunity for growth if we were solely to engage in technical writing endeavors. So I turfed that business model. In an economic downturn quality resumes and business plans would be, theoretically, a valuable commodity with more people, unfortunately, unemployed. In 2016, we wrote resumes for job-seekers across Canada and abroad and helped many many people improve their employment situation. We also completed some amazing business plans that will greatly improve the economies of both Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our last business plan was for an inventor who had a great idea and a patent. We ran with that idea and forecast his new company to hit worldwide sales exceeding $100M within two years. We wish him and everyone else we helped great success in 2017. 

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