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Projects for Snap Editing - Summer 2016

02 July, 2016 | Improving SERP

Author: Michael Schmidt

Snap Editing is embarking on an ambitious web development program to better serve our clients and expand our geographical reach/market share. In late 2015, we began a program to enter the American market and started writing unique content specifically targeting the American resume market. Alas, that program was stalled because of the volume of clients from Canada from our primary markets in Alberta (Edmonton/Calgary), Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Regina), and Ontario (Toronto, Mississauga, London). Acquiring a major Chinese manufacturer (to write a suite of mining machine manuals) as a client also threw off our supposedly well-planned projects. Scaling up has its downsides! However, we are not a company to shy away from growth opportunities. The Snap Editing website has multiple flaws so I have identified multiple areas of improvement to, hopefully, increase our market share and make inroads in additional markets throughout 2016 and into 2017.

We plan on implementing AMP, well, Accelerated Mobile Pages (on the blog only), flipping over to a hosting provider that supports gzip compression (yes, our current host does not offer this apache module), developing a mobile app, implementing schema/ontological/structured data across the site (maybe even rich cards), minifying and streamlining the code (php, javascript, and HTML), driving backlink development for improved SERPs, rolling out an America sub-domain (for those 100 half-coded pages), using an HTTPS certificate using the Let’s Encrypt tool, writing content based on the National Occupation Codes from the federal government (for the Canadian resume side of the business), accessing the Chinese market by targeting a vast swath of the Chinese export market and writing Chinese content, further driving social media initiatives (via Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn), and radically improving our page speed load times to become better netizens. Our goal with page speed is to hit 95% on the GTMetrix site and deliver a page load time less than 1.5 seconds for all pages. Our current 1.8 second load time is well beneath the average of 6 seconds for websites but we think we can do even better. Stay tuned for updates.


















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