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24 March, 2014 | Resume Writing

Author: Michael Schmidt


Many people consider it a relatively easy process to write an effective cover letter and resume. This, however, is an erroneous conclusion. Many in the workforce have considerable experience in a variety of sectors and job roles. Coupled with training, courses, software skills and a lot of other "soft" skills, there can be quite a lot of information that comprises the totality of a person's professional experience. Now try condensing and synthesizing all of this information into a 1-page cover letter and a 2-page resume. This is actually a difficult process. Some job seekers have up to 5 pages of just training programs and certifications. In this scenario, it is imperative for  an editor to assess all the material and decide what has the greatest pertinence to the offered position. So, one of the most practical considerations regarding writing a cover letter and resume is to successfully edit what can at times be a great deal of information. What material should be excluded from the resume? What material must be included in order to secure an interview? 

There are many elements to making a decidedly exemplary resume. Superb writing. Rigorous editing. Superior presentation and layout. 

Are you an excellent editor and are you comfortable editing your own cover letter and resume? If not, check out our resume section.

Do you have any stories about a cover letter/resume that you have either sent or received that SHOULD have been edited by a professional?



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