Snap Editing

Most websites have a massive number of HTML errors. However, this website features clean HTML and is 100% syntactically compliant according to the W3C HTML5 Validation Service. (Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the world wide web, is the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, the W3C.) Go ahead and run this webpage and other websites through the validator. We also score >98% using the PageSpeed tool at GTMetrix with every page on our website clocking in below one second...except for this homepage with a video. (Our lead writer completed the recent HTML5/JavaScript/CSS/PHP coding on this website using...a notepad, not a CMS.) Less than 1% of all company websites are screaming fast and 100% syntactically compliant so call us today if you need an accurate writer or a meticulous editor.

Technical and Marketing Communications

Note that we also setup a National Occupation Code (NOC) database containing just about every Canadian job title. We also have an alphabetized version of the NOC database. We also setup a Canadian small town database (7,000+ small population centres) to augment our resume writing reach. We also have an alphabetized version of the Canadian towns and villages database

SEO and Google Ads